Where’s TequilaParty? What are we doing?

To reiterate, our primary goal is to get real tequila on the shelves.
What happened when we connected with this startup mentorship program is that, through many conversations with our advisors, we realized we had several different ways to achieve our end goal.

The the most direct path being this:
1). Raise just enough money to complete the first production run of our Tequila with the distillery, which is a minimum order quantity of 3000 units, or bottles.
2). Get this tequila in hands and on shelves to prove demand, interest, and the concept with the NFT platform. Every big beverage company in the world is trying to figure out how to do exactly this in an effective way.
3). Raise a strong series A (probably in the $20–30M USD range) and scale hard.

The number one priority is to put tequila on shelves. It doesn’t matter how much at first — it just needs to actually happen. This is the reason for our current NFT push, and if you look closely, strongly resembles what we were wanting to do with SolAztecs, just a refined version of it.
So if we can get Tequila on shelves, it’s the beginning of real scale, which will get us to the level at which we want to be (several million cases/year shipped).

Distribution is an interesting beast, but it’s easy when you have a solid product, pre existing relationships (we do), and a product that’s unique to market. Right now we have some distribution lined up in the United states with some organizations that cover multiple states (needs to be done on a state/local level here in the US). We’ll push to markets that make sense, and then make sure we’re everywhere we can be in a short period of time.
We also have preliminary lines in the water with Hong Kong and Mainland China thanks to one of our token holders, and that part of the world is literally drinking everything they can get their hands on in terms of distilled agave spirits.
So, for a bit of an expanded look at how distribution will go, goal number one, as stated, is to get actual tequila on the shelves. To push it EVERYWHERE takes lots of money and massive planning, which is why we’re setting the company up for a solid Series A. With the VC/family office money we end up raising, we’ll be able to hire lots of brand ambassadors (I know many that do this professionally) to build relationships and get people excited about what we’re doing. We’ll also be building a serious campaign for the brand and using some top ad firms, with which we already have relationships, and scaling our production to meet the demand.
The distillery partner we’ve selected actually has three distilleries, which is a huge advantage of us for long term. I hope to completely sell out their capacity.

Ok. Let’s talk about the token. The $tequila token is an integral part of the ecosystem, and will be, going forward. The utility of the token is that when the company makes money, you make money. In actuality how this will work is that we’ll have a staking platform for the tokens, with tiers (based on which NFT Access card you own and number of tokens you have).
The pool will be filled with monies from company operations, and from that, your staked tokens will generate a return for you based on an emission schedule (in turn, based on resources in the reward pool).
So, the neat feature about this is we do NOT rely on new holders to join in order for you to make money, like nearly every other token in existence — the system is fed by something external, real world, and in economic terms, highly inelastic (people will always find money to buy booze). The company will also facilitate buyback of tokens, which will make the chart look pretty once again and raise value for everyone. My suspicion is that, as people catch on to what we’re doing, the market will do what the market does. In terms of ‘wen marketing’ — it’s important to let people know that we exist. We’ll be doing that, but the state of crypto marketing is absolutely abysmal. For those who haven’t run a project before, it used to be fairly simple to get attention: Get the right call channels and influencers to call/discuss your token, get on CMC, and moon. That is FAR from the case now. Big projects have wasted literally millions of dollars on vanity marketing projects and celeb influencers as big as Snoop Dogg only to see literally no effect in their chart. So, critical mass (the point at which the hype and the community, SHIB style) must happen in a thoughtful way; it’s not something that can really be forced, and there’s no secret formula. If a token has a $50m marketing budget, you can ram it down people’s throats. If not, they have to persist long term, as we’re showing we can do.
The token continues to be an important part of what TequilaParty is, but aside from your own personal portfolios, the token price doesn’t matter much to what the company is doing. If you hold a percentage of outstanding tokens, you’re going to make money. And when your token value appreciates, it’s a bonus (hopefully a big one) — not the key feature.
I want to remind everyone that we’re building an international Tequila company. It takes time, and has taken time, and we’re doing it with very few resources at the moment. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort to lay the right foundation, build the relationships, and determine how we’re going to be successful long term. All of those things take time.
The BottlePass is a kick-off point for a “refresh” of sorts — we raise money, and we’re able to execute on everything we’ve been planning for the past ten months. We’re able to build the integrated mobile app which will bring more people to the platform (which in turn makes your tokens and NFTs appreciate in value). We’re able to set the company up for a strong Series A which allows us to scale.
I hope that clarifies our intentions with regard to the token, but my non-financial advice (slightly different than NFA I suppose) is: hold some. As you all have been doing. Well, most of you.
We’re heading in the right direction, and it’s super exciting. This has so much potential, and we’ve built an amazing advisory team that is going to help get us there. In the age of projects literally dying overnight after barely reaching $10–20k MC (thanks BSC), the fact that we’ve been able to persist and continue to build means something.

So, while cliché , we’re really just getting started. I’m glad you all are here, and along for the ride. If you’re holding tokens, you’re going to be fine. If you choose to buy the BottlePass NFT, I hope you see the value that we’re providing with this. We’re not selling JPEGS. We’re selling the future shared success of TequilaParty.

And what a party it will be. You’re all invited.

- Jameson



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