Two things. You, dear reader, deserve an update on what we’re doing. The YouTube video does this. Also, I accidentally wrote a bit below that I hope you’ll find interesting.

I originally wrote this as a request for an overview from one of our collaborators, and was encouraged to share it elsewhere to give a current top level view of our growing project. Here it is in its entirety, with some annotations for jargon and such.

So, I created the project initially because I was tired of seemingly ENDLESS rugs [where a team removes liquidity from the market, which…

To push TequilaParty to the next level, we need to go far beyond paying for influencers to shill our stuff. We need to be playing Chess, not Checkers, which is exactly what we’re doing.

Here’s how we’re going to get that done:

• Finish our rebrand with look and feel, as pushing to the larger market right now with our current setup could potentially confuse the market. We want to be consistent in our message. …

A splash page for our new page, to be completed imminently.

What a ride we’ve been on over the past few days! If you’ve been living under a rock, the market has been shaken by all sorts of forces, with nearly every corner and token having been affected.

$tequila did experience some holders moving to stablecoins, but Tequila itself has almost acted as such, despite our relatively thin liquidity pool, which we’re taking steps to address. We won’t talk much about price action, but Tequila keeps wanting to return to an equilibrium, and that is, in part, due to our wonderful community.

While positive price action, or at least maintaining a…

Parallel copper stills at Hacienda Patron.

Hi $tequila family — dropping in to share a few things.

1). We’ve received some significant interest in $tequila, thanks to Crypto Messiah’s tweet and an ongoing Twitter campaign we’ve been running. I threw a few hundred dollars at some twitter ads, and Crypto Messiah’s 30k followers definitely showed up. We’ve also had very active community members and mods posting on Reddit and Twitter.

There’s no silver bullet here — it all must be done, and it’s all cumulative. Even 4chan. …

Considering the market pullback we witnessed this evening, which is normal and healthy by the way (buy the dip!), We’re thrilled with the launch of $tequila.

Up front:


Buy on PancakeSwap:

By the numbers:

288 holders of $tequila

One major whale who lucked out with a big early buy

77 passionate community members in our telegram

$65k current market cap (so much room to grow!)

9,000 cool points we scored by avoiding a huge bot-fueled pump and dump

We have so much room to grow, and the foundation of that is YOU, as part of our awesome…

Mayahuel — the embodiment of the Maguey Plant which gives life to those who use it.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Mexico drinking and researching (and drinking) artisanal mezcal. As you may or may not know, there is evidence to suggest that distillation started in what is now Mexico as early as the year 700 or 800 CE, predating the Europeans (our monk friends in southern Italy, records suggest) by nearly 500 years. That’s amazing.

Distillation was pretty high tech for the time; after all, we had been brewing beer for about 7,000 years at that point, and making wine for only slightly less time than that.

What we’re doing in the crypto and…

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